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To Fix or Not to Fix

Posted on August 21, 2012 · Posted in First Home Buyers, General

It’s almost time for the Spring campaign.  Not talking about the horses or the AFL or even the real estate market.  I’m talking about the banks push for market share by offering discounts and special offers with an emphasis on first home buyers.  So the good news for first home buyers in Adelaide and elsewhere and for mortgage holders generally, most banks will offer something to remain competitive.

Lenders know that winter is a quiet time as buyers are hibernating.  So come Spring time there’s a little love in the air and home buyers are keen to relocate prior to Christmas.

So, over the years I have observed this is the period to give finance wise a call and review your options.

A final thought or two. Discounted variable rates will provide lower interest rates than fixing, on average.  That being said when rates are at the bottom and then discounts are offered it is sensible to look at fixing a portion of your loan. Remember that a borrower may pay exit fees and penalties to close a contract ahead of time and none of the majors offer mortgage offset accounts with fixed loans.