Aged Care Financial Planning Expertise

Posted on September 27, 2012 · Posted in Aged Care, Financial Planning

Having been a member of the financial and risk committee, an Independent Director of a not-for-profit Aged Care Facility ( and the Chairman of the Greenbriars Retirement Village I offer a unique insight into the financial planning requirements of Adelaide residents entering Aged Care.

Some of the key financial questions we are asked by potential residents and their families are:

What will the out of pocket expenses be?

How will the Aged pension be impacted?

Can the Bond requirement be reduced?

Should I be paying a Bond?

Will my family receive a refund of my Bond?

What should be done with my home?

Can I give my money away?

Can you please explain in plain English what I am paying and why?

Finance wise understands the complexities of the financial planning process, and has sympathy for the emotional toll on the resident with this major life upheaval.

We take care to explain the ramifications of what appears to be straight forward financial decisions and provide the safest avenues to protect a resident’s estate.

Financial Planning for Aged Care residents in Adelaide is a passion because of my close and ongoing association with the Aged Care industry – an industry which is under constant financial strain owing to voluminous Government legislation.

Please contact me to arrange for a private discussion well in advance of making a final decision, if possible.  Unfortunately, my experience in Aged Care has shown me that these decisions are so often delayed until it is almost an emergency.

If a Financial Planning professional fails to help you plan then there is a great likelihood of an inferior outcome.