Sub-Division – Final Draft

Posted on September 26, 2012 · Posted in General, SMSF, Sub-Division

The Forestville project remains on track with the finalization and submission of the final draft.

The drafting component is necessary to provide to the Council (having varied the floorplan from the original approval) and the Engineers.  The Engineering firm appointed will complete the footings construction report, the energy assessment and roof and timber framing layouts.

The floorplan also assists in arranging quotations for items that are excluded from a standard building contract or that might be Prime Cost(PC) sums ie air conditioning, electrical items, tiles, paving and landscaping.

It is vital to obtain quotes on these items even though they will maybe purchased for months – paying a deposit will lock in the price – to avoid unpleasant surprises.  Remeber, the two immutable rules of building; it will cost more and will take longer than expected.

Aside from the buildinging aspect of a sub-division project, the floor plan and elevations are the foundations of the marketing co-lateral and finance approvals.  If you would like to review the floor plans just drop me a line.

Next week I will outlinethe financing process and, hopefully, the project will be at the Building Certifiers (as the working drawings will be completed) which is the final piece of the approval process prior to commencement.