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Aged Care Financial Planning. It looks complex because it IS.

The financial arrangements when loved ones move into Aged Care are complex, confusing and regularly changing.  I work in conjunction with Aged Care facilities to educate families on the costs associated with care, whilst seeking to maximise the financial position of the resident.

I have a gold watch sitting in my top draw.  I will give it to the first client who bounds into my office and says I’m planning to move into Aged Care in 5 years and I would like you to create a plan.  It’s actually a fob watch and has been sitting in the draw for centuries.  My point is that, for many, Aged Care is a resignation in the mind that meeting one’s daily care needs has become too difficult.  Yet in an overwhelming majority of cases, when a resident settles in to a well-managed, friendly facility that has allied health professionals on site, and organised activities, both the resident and their family are pleasantly surprised.


Individuals, friends and family will appreciate the sensitive way that I will assist with what can be a traumatic life change.  I have experience as an independent Director of an aged chair facility, being the Chair of a retirement village and even acting as a CEO in a 90 bed facility.


Although every situation is unique, our clients and their families have similar starting points which revolve around the subject of affordability.   Families are frequently relieved to discover that excellent care is affordable, and can have a minimal impact on an estate.

We carefully review the income and assets of our clients to ensure an optimal outcome is achieved for both the home and the resident.

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