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Income Protection for Medical Professionals. What happens when a doctor becomes the patient?

James is a passionate advocate of Income Protection for medical professionals.  He works with medical practitioners and specialists across a wide variety of disciplines who are completely satisfied that his recommendations will help them if they suffer from an accident or an illness which prevents them from practising for varying durations.

The benefit of Doctors and other allied health professionals in Adelaide seeking broad financial advice from finance wise or specific advice, such as Income Protection, is that our advice is impartial.  We operate our own AFSL license and are not aligned to a bank or fund manager.  It is estimated that only 5% of Financial Advisers Australia Wide operate their own license.


Income Protection for Professionals should include a safeguard for Doctors who travel across the state, cover 80% of their gross earnings and include superannuation defence.  The waiting period should be appropriate to their level of savings and take into account holiday and sick leave.


Our clients take advantage of twenty five years of finance experience and new clients should ask whether they can achieve reduced premium by joining a buying group that is linked to their hospital or practice.

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